Knoda User Successfully Predicts eSuranceSave30 Winner

Knoda, an app for making predictions, had one of its users correctly predict the winner of the #eSuranceSave30 contest. For a contest that produced millions of entries & several hundred thousand followers for the insurance giant, being able to pick the 1 winner is a feat no short of astounding.

The predictor stated  “I got extra points for having a successful prediction vs. it being wrong. I’ve been a Knoda user since I first heard Kyle on 96.5 the Buzz and they said we could go out & register our names on their website even if we didn’t have an iPhone. So I did, then it occurred to me I could download their app on my iPad & I immediately started using it. I haven’t done too badly either. This prediction was by far the most voted on of all of my predictions though. There were 12 “Disagrees” by the time voting closed & I was the only “agree”. I don’t know if I get extra points for having an accurate prediction with a lot of disagrees, but we will see once I am able to confirm the results (I think I put in a later time so I could make sure the stories would hit Google before I had to return the answer).” Note: – the answer – yes, extra points were gotten due to the overwhelming opposite votes.

A Knoda follower early on, the predictor has been made several predictions so far. He’s been following Kyle and the Knoda team for quite some time as they have gone through their start-up and seed funding process. “I met Kyle for the first time at a StartUp Weekend, I had followed him on Twitter for quite a while & then met in person there. Oddly enough it was at that StartUp Weekend that his team presented an app very similar to Knoda. Bold Predictions I believe it was called. I’m glad they were able to turn it into something & really gain traction.”

As the Knoda company gains steam (it already has professional sports players using the app) these types of predictions will be more common & news outlets could start tapping the predictions as leads for their own stories, another source if you will.

If you’d like to find out more about Knoda, simply go to their website: or follow them on Twitter @KNODAFuture


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