eSurance Campaign – update

Back in February I wrote a post about the eSurance Campaign & discussed the pass/fail of a couple of items. Now that a couple of months have passed I’ve still been occasionally checking the Twitter activity of the eSurance twitter account to see how they capitalized on the whole Super Bowl commercial which they claim to have spent about $3.5m on (remember, they spent $3.5m on the commercial & then gave away $1.5m so their total cost was still $5m).

I had written that I suspected a lot of the followers were either fake accounts or accounts who’s sole purpose was to enter into the contest. I know for a fact at least 1 account was created just to enter (I created it & have since deleted it as I don’t need it).

As of today, their current follower number for that same Twitter account is at 134,000.

What was it before the announcement on Jimmy Kimmel you ask? About 261,000.

So they lost a net 127,000 Twitter followers in the last 2 months.  Ouch. That’s 1/2 of the estimated 250,000 new followers they gained from the campaign.

I’d wager that if a person signed up for eSurance through the campaign & had started following them during the campaign, they’d be a lot less likely to unfollow than any of the other new followers. As they now have a business relationship with the company they might be interested in the tweets coming from the account.

I had also done some rudimentary calculations to show a potential number of new users/subscribers. I had calculated 2,500 new users. So if we are still assuming 2,500 new users then the adoption rate would now be (2,500 / 125,000) which would be a 2% conversion rate instead of the 1% I had assumed before. I highly doubt it is that high, but as far as I know its higher.

At the end of the day only eSurance has to decide if it was worth the $5m & only they know the number of new users they obtained from the campaign.

I do know I wouldn’t pay $5m to gain 125,000 twitter followers. But I also wouldn’t just spew out ad tweets on the corporate account without actually interacting with the followers either.

Random update.

Budweiser Puppy had 12,000 in Feb. & is now at about 11,000. They haven’t tweeted since Feb. 6.  What was the point of this again? Maybe they will utilize the account again someday. At least they interacted a little bit.

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