HB 1124 update

I just received an email with the list of Bills that were “Truly agreed” and passed both houses. These would be passed on to the Governor for final passage into law. HB 1124 was not one of the Bills listed, however a different Bill that was much of the same intent has the House’s original was included.

Bottomline, when the Senate included an amendment to exclude the ability of a manufacturer to sell vehicles directly to consumers¬†even if they didn’t have franchise in the State, the Bill went back to the House and luckily the House didn’t agree with that additional language and didn’t pass it.

The Bill that did pass was to allow the sale of motocycles on Sundays. HB1735

I read the Bill and did not see any mention of the section 407.826 as was included by the Senate.

If you sent any correspondence to your representatives with regard to this Bill, then I hope the outcome you were wanting was reached.


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