Johnny Optimist is a pseudonym created back in 2009 when I started multiple blogs that provided free information on how to set up websites, create merchandise, promote, etc.

I have since disbanded the other sites & at one point had all the information here – I manually reposted all the content. Of course as I was using a hosting company that wasn’t exactly a giant contender I lost a lot of the information & starting from scratch on a new hosting company’s servers just seemed to take a lot of work. Someday I will post all the content again, but everything had be interlinked & creating all that will be somewhat of a time consuming process.

So now, what you see is what you get. It is now a personal website I use to create random content. I enjoy looking at tech, marketing, investments, social, etc. So that is what I post here. A little smattering of everything.

Not exactly planning on getting rich off the site, just using it as a different platform to express thoughts on many items that might require more information.

I’d provide my Twitter handle, but it is locked so it wouldn’t do you any good anyway. If you’d like to contact, simply leave a comment or something & I’ll see what I can do.